Tuesday, August 17, 2010

White Hat SEO

SEO methodology that complies with the guidelines set by search engines are known as white hat methods. In other words, white hat SEO is the anti-thesis of black hat SEO. Following these methods will prevent you from being exposed to risks which may lead to the banning of your website.
White hat SEO is about building and maintaining a quality site. How to know whether the site is quality or not? If other sites would want to link to your site naturally, it means you are maintaining a quality site. White hat SEO is also about employing a back link campaign that will encourage other sites to link back to your site. It involves no dubious methods like cloaking or stuffing content with keywords.
Some White hat SEO techniques are mentioned below:
Press Releases – This is a very good and genuine way of encouraging a buzz about your site thereby prompting other sites to link to you. Press release involves writing something newsworthy about your site, and getting it distributed via the many online seo services. Anything sensational has instant news value and is picked up by agencies for circulation.
Viral Content – This method of white hat SEO involves creating unique, easy to understand, must-share ideas presented in the form of content, cartoons, videos, and audio to attract the masses. Once your content or video manages to go 'viral' there will be a beeline of sites to link to your site.
Article Marketing - Article marketing is another genuine and widely accepted way to procure back links. With the help of this way, you can drive enormous traffic to your site. Valuable information to the reader can help you get good back links.
Guest Posts On Blogs – Hunt for an authority blog in your niche. Such blogs have huge followings. You can develop a relationship with the owner. It is easy to develop one if you can provide some value to the blog through your site. Seek the permission of the owner to write a piece on their blog and at the end leave a back link.
The basic principle of white hat SEO is to optimize a site naturally in a way that is both ethical and assiduous.

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