Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Internet Marketing Requires Patience and Persistence

Online marketing is a very detailed task. It entails a lot of web based applications, which keep fluctuating now and then. Getting the right balance of factors required for promoting your website takes time. Moreover, climbing up in search result ranking is not only arduous but also difficult to sustain. You may be on the top today, but may not be able to hold it for long. To retain the top slot you need to feed your website constantly. So, marketing your company online requires patience and persistence.

Websites require plenty of time and dedication to become successful ventures. One important aspect of web promotion is getting strong external links. External links are links from other sites of the same domain to your site. Since they come from other sites to your site they are also known as ‘incoming links’. The incoming links are interpreted by the search engine as votes for your site. The higher the number of votes you have, the further ahead you are in the race. But getting links is never an easy task. Why would another site provide you a link? You have to barter links for links or at times even money in order to have many incoming links. This is in itself a very time consuming task. Sending offers to other sites may or may not be entertained. Again, the quality of links matter a lot. If you get links in bulk from poor quality sites it may not be of much value. A quality link is worth several cheap links. Getting a quality link can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. To get good links you need to send out plenty of lucrative offers to other sites. This entire process can eat up lot of time.

Another reason why patience is required comes from the fact that most successful blogs or websites follow an exponential growth line. In other words, the longer time your website remains in existence the more the numbers of readers it accumulates.

Some of the most successful marketers had no sale for months, but they did not give up. They were confident about their online marketing strategy and did not get disheartened. Instead, they became more focused. Once the strategy clicked they never had to look back.

Your internet marketing is like a long term plan. For any long term plan you need to have tons of patience, persistence and the insight to tweak your plan along the way.

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