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It is difficult for an entrepreneur to handle the varied tasks of an organization all alone. Virtual assistants undertake and execute these tasks on behalf of the entrepreneur. With a virtual assistant by your side, you complete tasks on time and keep pace with your everyday work load. Whether it is a clerical, secretarial or administrative job, Virtual Assistants are highly competent professionals to meet all of your requirements to precision.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant:

The benefits of having a virtual assistant are endless. When you have a Virtual Assistant you stand to gain in the following ways:

* You can focus on the most important aspects of your business. This will enable you channelize your energy and time on growing your business
* You save time by delegating tasks for which you have no time.
* You make your business become out and out professional
* You save on money as you do not have to provide extra office space or equipment
* You can have the much elusive peace of mind
* You gain confidence to take on more challenges
* We are always available and ready to do your task

How do we add value?

We do not provide our clients with quick fixes. When you hire Virtual Assistants from us, be doubly assured of having one with complete understanding of values and profitability. Our assistants have the relevant experience and self-motivation to manage your business successfully. Their commitment and sense of responsibility help to generate a synergy that will enable you raise the standards of work to a more productive level. You can look forward to a dynamic co-ordination and accelerate your way towards growth and expansion.

Our Expertise

We employ highly skilled professionals for our VA team: professionals with highest possible education and great IQ, who have completed their Bachelor or Master Degrees. Our VA Team is functional since 3 years and served large number of clients during this tenure. Our leadership team strives to extract quality, responsiveness, creativity, understandability and teamwork within team members. We appoint dedicated, capable, diligent and skillful staff to provide Optimum value and service to our customers.

* Virtual Assistant will be assigned according to tasks given by you matching the skill set of the employee. Get the personalized and dedicated Virtual Assistants according to the nature of the tasks
* We provide Free! Local incoming number and Live Chat and Unlimited outbound calls to fixed lines.
* Virtual Assistant will work at least 9 hours a day, 5 days a week of working
* We will provide you instant, daily and weekly log reporting as per your need.
* Get the guaranteed timely communication through emails, phone and instant messenger.

The scope of our VA -

Accounting and finance management

Our assistants can help you with financial and accounting, services like-

* Bookkeeping and Tax ledger maintenance
* Payroll processing
* Customer billing
* Expense management
* Pricing research and comparisons
* Bank reconciliation
* Accounting data entry

Executive Assistance

Executive support provided includes bulk emailing, sending reminders, customer relation management, maintaining service records etc.

* Calendar maintenance
* Appointment Setting and reminder service
* E-mail and chat support
* Online chat for your website
* Customer relationship management
* Follow up calls to your clients
* Capture, storage and analysis of customer information
* Maintaining service records

Concierge Services

Our assistants can provide you with multifarious concierge services like answering customer queries by phone, email, making telephone calls, setting dinner reservations, researching travel arrangements, Call taking and forwarding, Invoice follow-up.

Online Research

If you want your virtual assistant to assist you with online research, you can get the best of results. Our virtual assistants can help you with data entry, online database, craiglists postings etc


We provide marketing assistance to your office virtually. The tasks we support are-

* Lead generation
* Bulk emailing
* Telemarketing
* B2B / B2C appointment setting
* Sending follow up or reminder emails


* Excel spread sheet- creating, updating
* Professional power point presentations
* Marketing email content writing and design changes.

Individual Tasks

You can even get your individual tasks like booking tickets, travel planning, correspondences with letters and friends done by our virtual assistants.

Hire our prompt virtual assistants to see how we can transform your business! We believe in doing the work right the FIRST TIME!