Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The best web designing tips for building a successful website

Companies irrespective of size and type of business they are doing are now required to maintain websites that are attractive in terms of web design as well as in helping the concerned website in getting good ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages or SERPS of Google or other search engine sites. With the evolving web designing techniques and trends every other day, companies can always give an amazing effect to their business websites by using some enchanting methods of web designing.

Responsive Web Designing Techniques that are now used as per the mobile or smart phone configurations have replaced the older methods of web designing techniques like tables, graphic. The below mentioned web designing tips if adhered to would help in capturing more leads, and helping organizations or entrepreneurs in conducting better businesses.

1.    Choose responsive web designing: The penetration of mobiles, tablets, smart phones and other communication gadgets have led to a kind of internet revolution with users accessing the internet not only on desktops or laptops but also on tablets, mobile devices. It is estimated that about 17.4% of global website traffic has originated from mobile devices during 2013. Therefore, for enterprises, it is required to adapt to responsive web designing instead of creating separate web pages for mobile, tablet, and PC platforms.  The Responsive Web Designing (RWD) also helps in reducing costs pertaining to website development and designing.

2.    Do not attempt to target everyone: When building a website, the entrepreneur should not attempt to build a website on a wider platform. The website owner must be sure about who is the target audience. Defining the target audience and designing with that target in mind would ensure more conversions and better conversion rate.

3.    The exit of flash websites: Flash websites have become the thing of the past, as they are no longer in tandem with those iOS mobile devices that do not support Flash thereby producing slow and unresponsive user designs that frustrates the customers or clients. Now Simple and chiseled rectangular graphics with solid colors have replaced flashy websites on the mobile and other smart phone gadgets.

4.    Using and respecting text contrast: The importance of text contrast is still getting its due. Black text on a white background is still the most effective way to present the text. The right contrast still makes a difference on the users giving them a choice either clicking or to navigate away from the concerned website.  

Thus, these are some of the important web designing tips to be taken into account when building a website.    

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