Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Remote Desk Support - My learning experience!

I remember facing a harrowing experience with my PC at home when it started acting up refusing to open my much needed documents! A situation akin to emergency developed in me. I tried all means again that would normally make it work; like shutting down the PC and restarting it. But no, the PC had a mind of its own that day and simply refused to respond.

Upon contacting my technician, I was assured that the matter would be resolved within no time, but was advised against shutting the machine as the technician said he would work on the PC using remote desk support. I was curious to know how a remote desk support would resolve my problem from a faraway destination. I contacted my friend who proceeded to explain to me not only the operating of a remote desktop support but also the latest innovations in this software.

I was surprised to know that there are software packages that allow one to connect with their desktop machine through another computer, notebook or mobile device. New innovations allow the software to display the remote computer's desktop on the screen of your local PC, and also allow you to remote control that PC using your own mouse and keyboard.

The built-in File Transfer feature provided in this software has an easy way to transfer files to and from a remote computer. With this unique software you can also restart and shutdown a remote PC, lock a remote mouse or keyboard, and perform various practical remote control tasks! In other words you need not depend on a technician to solve your PC problems.
Interesting isn’t it?

Connecting to a remote computer through software installed is simple and easy. The remote connection could be established on LAN or over the internet in two ways:
  • Through a direct connection that remotely access via IP address or DNS name
  • Or through an online account connection wherein a computer can be accessed remotely over the Internet using the nickname of the remote PC. The IP address is not used, neither is there a need to configure router or firewall.
Remote desktop support is arguably the best solution to PCs that play truant in times of need. If I being a novice in such matters have found it to helpful, you will too!

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