Friday, August 20, 2010

Social Brand Management

If your organization wishes to use social media tools for business communications, then you must be conscious of your social brand. The way you manage your brand will enhance your standings in social circles. The moot question is how to take care of your social brand management? The answer to this question lies in two factors: your goals and the number of platforms you use. 

Social Brand Management requires you to keep the following in mind:
  • Use the top forum for your business
  • Do not get into it unless you are keen in engaging with other users
  • Be aware of the culture of the site
  • Adhere to site etiquettes
  • Make your brand a trusted one before you start marketing

For proper social brand management you need to decide whether licensees or subsidiaries can use your trademark as their mode of engagement. It is best to allow them use it under well documented conditions. The agreement must ensure that they surrender your trademark at the end of the contract.
Ethical social brand management also requires you to avoid adopting strategies that can possibly rub social networking communities the wrong way. Your brand must do all the talking for itself. This is always the best way of slowly building up your brand. 

When you use your brand on social networking sites, monitor them closely.  Put site search functionality to proper use. These may With the help of these functionalities you can boost or consolidate your brand name. When you use a marketing strategy, make sure it is in keeping with your enforcement strategy. Your approach should not give rise to any confusion. Monitor constantly to avoid any wrong usage. This will help to maintain the trust of your brand. 

The most effective way of securing your brand is to use on-site compliant mechanisms. Equally important is not violate the "customs" of the social networking community. Take care to update content to maintain the registration. If not, do not invite interaction from other users. This is because your brand image may take a beating due to lack of content.

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